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10:53pm 02-06-2009
hey sahar jan and Afghan_boy..
weeeeee i love ur site jan thanks for making it.. i am proud of u defa i wish i could come to chat room but it doesn't work i dunno why dega
10:09pm 02-06-2009
salam jiger
5:41am 02-06-2009
This website is very good when i have free time i go in this website because its very good
7:21am 02-04-2009
salam salam dostai aziz
god work afghan_boy kub zawqe kub dari keep it up brow
dostai aziz user jam kunen ke hamagi ma enja yak chand laza kush ba dast biyarem
10:31pm 01-24-2009
hi haw are u are fine haw
2:57pm 01-18-2009
salam men
2:53pm 01-18-2009
i love falastin so mach
9:51am 01-16-2009
salam wow wow wow wow name khoda besyar maqbul movies va video music dare hamesh khob ast mafagh bashe

long live Palestina

2:26pm 01-02-2009
salam and happy new year
wowowowo very nice keep it up i love it daga and you know i love you tooo
5:36am 01-02-2009
sallam to all afghans good site and keep ur hard working up
and try to improve it more and more and design it simply as u can.
be happy always with ur friends and all afghans..khuda hafiz to all
4:28pm 12-22-2008
A j N a B i
wow nice one keep it up hmmmmm where is ur e cards i cant found them by the way u have to make ur disaince better then it be cuz its have it to much boring colors hope u be dont mind
5:37pm 11-24-2008
Damn Nice Profile
4:06am 11-24-2008
salam ba hama afghan,. ur site is the best site . wa ma tashakor makonom az kasani ka dar sakhtani e site koshish kada . besyar zeeyad takshakor afghan boy and jegar best luck and long life
3:00am 11-24-2008
fazz afghan
mate ur site looks pretty kool u have the rite idea but u have to work more hard in order to make it one of the best u know there is an old saying they say there is always place for improvement so keep work hard n we all afghans are here to support u and encourage as i said b4 ur site is very limited put more songs and videos don't worry about indian or english songs our afghany songs are the best for now try to put afghany stuff u know wat i mean wish u best of luck n yea cheers bro
long live our beautiful Afghanistan jan
2:51am 11-24-2008
fazz afghan
bro ur site is very limited put more stuff
Messages: 76 until 90 of 115.
Number of pages: 8
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