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2:55pm 05-23-2010
salam mara ba humage bogoyet
12:35am 05-07-2010
Yahoooo Bro Nice WebSite Keep It Up As Always Nice Job Anyway Salam To All How Are You Guys I Hope You All With Yours Sweet Family Doing Well Allah Hafiz To All
11:42pm 05-06-2010
javid ahmadi
سحر ز بلبل شيدا به باغ پرسيدم
چرا به ديده كسى شادمان نمى بينم!
نه خنده اى است به لبها نه شور در سرها
سرود عشق به پير و جوان نمى بينم!
نه آسمان محبت ستاره باران است...
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ز مهر و ماه فروزان نشان نمى بينم
وفا و صدق و صفا رخت بسته از دلها
طراوتى به گل و بوستان نمى بينم
نه نغمه اى به هزاران، نه جلوه در گلها
تبسمى به لب باغبان نمى بينيم
صبا به بوى شقايق نمىوزد بر ما
شراره اى به دل عاشقان نمى بينم
كجا شدند عزيزان و دوستان قديم
چرا صفاى رخ دلبران نمى بينم
چه روى داده كه در زير آسمان كبود
دلى كه مهر بورزد عيان نمى بينم
خداى را، به من غم رسيده رحم كنيد
چرا به پيكر گيتى روان نمى بينم!
به خنده گفت كه دنياى ما پر از غوغاست
11:38pm 05-06-2010
javid love
salam friend special afghan best your porogram is very good and lovely . i happy with this site thanks so much bye oh one thing another happy your mother day
11:32pm 05-06-2010
javid love
roz mother ra ba hama ham motheran dunya tabrig wa tahnyat arz medaram roz mother tabreg mother del zoz M M M M M M M M M M ........................i love my mother bye
7:12pm 04-29-2010
wow what a nice site zindage Afghan_boy very nice site keep jan i love it and you know i love you more
5:07pm 04-18-2010
ali akbar
hi my dear countrymen's how r u,i wish for all of you 2 b healthy.
it's my first time that i write a message in here.i have a sugestion for the runner of AFGHANBEST.COM for prepairing us more and more afghani and irani songs. THANKS ali.
7:04pm 04-15-2010
javid ahmadi
sallam afghanistan how r u my kabul i hope you are good people i like afghan people@};-
12:24am 04-12-2010
javid (ahmadi)
12:09am 04-11-2010
nice website keep it i like it
3:41am 04-05-2010
sallam afghanistan kabul paghman.
4:19am 02-09-2010
salome afghan boy i like your web site its a nice web site for all afghans great movies aswem bro keep it up love it
12:30pm 02-08-2010
hi how are u i hop everything is ok byyyyyyyyyyyyy
6:44am 02-06-2010
masha allah besyar khob doste aziz. nice website keep it up
7:52am 02-01-2010
Rizwan ul haq
i am rizwan from punjab pakistan .i cant understand pushto, but my brother i am with you and dont think i am your enemy.i also add pushto songs in my wedding movie.
Messages: 16 until 30 of 115.
Number of pages: 8
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